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Extended Foster Care

What is extended foster care?

If you’re in foster care at age 18 (including probation foster care), you have the option to stay in foster care until age 21. Even if you leave foster care, then change your mind, you may have the option to go back into foster care until you reach 21. Assembly Bill (AB) 12 is the law that extends foster care to age 21 in California. 

Why stay in foster care after age 18? 

Extended foster care isn’t the same as regular foster care. There are ways that you can live on your own, with a roommate, or with a relative and still qualify for these benefits including:

  • Monthly financial funding
  • Housing
  • Transitional support, free transportation vouchers, and other help

These benefits can help you ease into adult independent living and get you on track for success.

Who qualifies for extended foster care?

Your Children’s Social Worker (CSW) or Deputy Probation Officer (DPO) can give you all the details. However, to be eligible you must participate in at least one of the following:

  1. Completing high school or equivalent
  2. Attending college with at least half-time enrollment
  3. Working at least 80 hours a month (paid employment)
  4. Participating in a program to obtain employment
  5. Unable to participate in one of the above due to a verified medical issue

You also have to:

  1. Be in an approved placement
  2. Meet with your CSW/DPO at least once a month
  3. Sign a mutual agreement and participate in your case plan
  4. Agree to continued court supervision

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