Yolo County

Independent Living Program

Empowering Foster Youth for Success!

The Independent Living Program (ILP) supports current and former foster youth (14 – 21) in gaining the life skills necessary in order to become self-sufficient and successful adults. The Independent Living Program will teach you important life skills, such as opening a bank account, obtaining your California ID card, conducting job searches, researching secondary education options, money management, and more!

When I was 17 and entered the Independent Living Program, I had never worked a real job, could only cook ramen noodles and scrambled eggs, I was failing high school and the only thing worse than my grades was my mental health. Since entering ILP I’ve not only graduated the year I was meant to, I started college and work two different jobs, I pay rent and take care of my two younger siblings.”

Why should you join the program?

In addition to learning life skills, you will also get to meet other youth and young adults who have some shared experiences. We have classes that cover a range of life skill topics such as healthy relationships, self-defense, dental health, and etiquette. We also sponsor fun events such as laser tag, season dinners and bowling.

In exchange for your positive participation and attendance, you can receive $25 for each class attended – up to $100 per month!

Benefits can include

  • Monthly ILP stipends – up to $100 per month
  • New laptop computer when enrolling in college
  • Monthly regional transit bus passes
  • Assistance with your security deposit and first month’s rent
  • Housing utility deposits and fees
  • Work training
  • School-related equipment and supplies
  • $500 high school graduation bonus

Who can join?

  • All current Yolo County foster youth ages 14  – 21 years old.
  • Yolo foster youth that have been adopted or entered guardianship at 14 years-old and who are not older than 21.
  • If you are an out-of-county foster youth residing in Yolo County, you must be at least 16 years-old, currently a dependent in foster care, or have been adopted or in a guardianship at 16 years-old and not older than 21.

The foster youth’s Social Worker or Attorney can contact Ramiz Ali, our Yolo County HHSA ILP Coordinator at Ramiz.Ali@yolocounty.org or by calling 530-681-9219.  Please include the foster youth’s legal name (also previous dependency name if applicable) and a date of birth to determine eligibility.

How do you attend meetings?

Join the meetings on zoom on Wednesdays and Fridays, 5:00 – 6:30 pm.

Email Cherie Schroeder (cherie@yolofostercare.com) and Ramiz Ali (Ramiz.Ali@yolocounty.org) to get the meeting link.

Have questions?

Contact Ramiz Ali, ILP Coordinator

Info for Foster Youth

Also check out our Resources section containing great information for foster youth ages 14-21

The Independent Living Program means so much to me because it helped set me up with life skills that I use to this day, even now as a 27 year old! ILP also created a sense of belonging and helped me create life-long friendships!”